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An American Place

822 Washington Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63101


Read about An American Place in the Sauce Magazine Review

Excerpts from the Sauce Magazine article:
An American Place is Welcomed to St. Louis' List of High-Class Restaurants

by Joe Pollack
Posted On: 12/06/2004

"When Larry Forgione came to St. Louis to open An American Place in the elegant space that had served as the lobby of the Statler Hotel in Downtown St. Louis, it was a first for River City – the first time a chef with a national reputation had moved here to open a restaurant. "

"Several visits brought excellent, imaginatively designed and prepared meals, all served properly and with the aromas and flavors of the American Heartland. In the style set for St. Louis by Andy Ayers and Dave Owens, and continued by others, Forgione has an appreciation for American fare. In a generous touch, his menu lists those who grow the food, raise the cattle, catch the fish and make the cheese, and the suppliers range from Maine to Hawaii, though most are from Missouri and Illinois. For those who are interested, most of the farmers and ranchers have Web sites and offer their treats for sale. It's a list that will undoubtedly change with the seasons, and I'm looking forward to spring. "

"Entrées at An American Place are more than just a piece of meat or fish and a starch and a vegetable to go along. Between Forgione and John Griffiths, his executive chef, there's a world of flavors and textures to fill out the dish, where the meals always are delightfully displayed. "

"The Missouri strip sirloin was elegant, cooked to the perfect point (the point where you want it cooked always is the perfect point) and accompanied by a potato-bleu cheese dumpling and a mushroom ragout that were glorious companions. Alaskan halibut was another winner, as was lobster ravioli, delicate as a cloud and threatening to float right off the plate. A duck breast, topped with a cherry-maple glaze, suffered a bit from the maple adding a bit too much sweetness, but the bird was flavorful and tender. A pork chop arrived full of flavor and splendidly cooked, and a hit of juniper gave the pan juices a slight hint of gin. "

"Dessert – especially the pumpkin brûlée and the apple crêpes – was right in line with the rest of the meal. An American Place is a welcome addition to the list of high-class Downtown restaurants, and our city needs more of them. There simply is no excuse for not feeding a visitor to River City in superb style, and even if it's on the high end of the price scale for St. Louis restaurants, An American Place is well worth it for a celebratory dinner."

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